Salt Lake Blues

Two and a half weeks is longer than anyone should have to stay in Salt Lake City. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got its charms, and I’m sure the denizens of this landmark locale could enlighten me as to the virtues of life by the Lake. Yet we unplanned interlopers, lacking the vehicular means of mobility, grew swiftly stir-crazy in the salty city. Continue reading “Salt Lake Blues”

Off The Map

Yuma, Arizona is one of our frequent stops, and sometimes it feels like one of those four corners of the world; there’s very little out there, including internet. Really, I get that sensation a lot on the road: that I’m very close to an invisible edge of the known, about to fall off the earth. But the literal borders of states or countries are just as subjective and arbitrary as the ones I carry in my head: where or who I’ve been, and where or who I will be. Continue reading “Off The Map”

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