Off The Map

Yuma, Arizona is one of our frequent stops, and sometimes it feels like one of those four corners of the world; there’s very little out there, including internet. Really, I get that sensation a lot on the road: that I’m very close to an invisible edge of the known, about to fall off the earth. But the literal borders of states or countries are just as subjective and arbitrary as the ones I carry in my head: where or who I’ve been, and where or who I will be. Continue reading “Off The Map”


Even if you can knock ’em down, they get right back up. Chris and I are finally back on the road after some much needed rest at home and the long awaited transition to a new company. In the first week of March, we picked up a rental car on their dime and started a short (by our terms) journey to Northern Georgia for a week-long orientation with a big-boy-bike employer. Bye bye training wheels. Continue reading “Heavyweights”

Unlucky Break

Growing up in Virginia and then moving to Texas, I never really had to deal with extreme cold temperatures, let alone snow. Rain and flooding, oh yes. Hail, sometimes. Paralyzing heat and crushing barometric pressures, sweet Jesus. Though equipped with the foreboding forecast, we were not prepared for the upcoming winter storm. Our mobile lifestyle did not spare us from the opening score of 2018, wherein the majority of the North American continent was teleported into Jotunheim, realm of the Frost Giants. Should make for an epic year. Continue reading “Unlucky Break”

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