Phase 1, Day 18: Seeking Mr. Right

Woke up at 6 this morning after a restful sleep at the hotel. My roommate was a trucker who’d driven 500,000 miles in the same truck. That truck was his home and his livelihood. But when he came to renew his DOT physical, he was disqualified from driving due to health issues. So he was pretty disappointed, being unable to keep driving the truck he’d had the last four or five years. Thankfully they’re likely to give him a job with the company as a dispatcher so he doesn’t have to quit, but being chained to a desk instead of rolling down the highway isn’t something he’s thrilled about.

I’m going to be searching for a Phase 2 partner today, and I’m hoping there are some good candidates. The man I spoke with yesterday is going to take his re-test today, so we’ll see how that goes, but I still want to “shop around” some, see who else might be available.

10:20am. There aren’t any great candidates yet. In truth, there aren’t any candidates at all. The guy I spoke with yesterday is still waiting to take his test, and since there aren’t any other candidates, I’ve been spending the day sitting around waiting. I’m considering returning to the hotel until I get word that there are more people to choose from.

Well, nobody is taking their upgrade test today. It rained pretty hard and the yard’s a mud-pool. I don’t see how it’ll be much better tomorrow, but that’s when everybody is going to be taking their tests, so I’ll check into the hotel for another night and see what happens tomorrow. I’ve talked to a couple other guys and found some good potential, so if they pass their tests tomorrow then I might have a decent pick of the litter.

2:15, I’ve been sitting around all day talking with other trainees and truckers, waiting to return to the hotel. We’re on our way back now, and I’m looking forward to sleeping, eating, and giving it another go tomorrow.

After lunch, I returned to the hotel, then swiftly fell asleep until well past dinner time. I had intended to pick up another free buffet pass, but I was too late to attend the safety video required to get the ticket, so I wasn’t sure if they’d give me one.

When I approached the front desk, I said “when’s the next safety video? I think I slept through the last one,” and the lady didn’t even reply, she just tossed me a meal ticket. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who’d come in begging. So I made my way to the Sirloin Stockade for dinner. I tell you what, I hope I get paired and hit the road soon, or all this free buffet will start to show, namely around my waist and my face.

Dinner was good, as always, but I’m getting restless. I want to get back on the road and start making money again. I’m not getting paid when I’m waiting for a partner, but there’s nobody available yet. We will see what tomorrow brings, and Monday after that. Hopefully I’ll be on the road again Monday… wish me luck!

I’m going to wrap this up for tonight, pick it up tomorrow. Until then, goodnight!

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