Seventeen Hours

It took about seventeen hours to reach Kentucky. I read over half of William Gibson’s book Mona Lisa Overdrive during the bus ride. I’d have gotten farther, except my eyes were refusing to remain open. I didn’t get much sleep, and the sleep I did get was not too restful, but I’m sure I’ll be out like a light tonight.

During the trip, there was a single mother with a baby, a stroller, and a heavy, over-stuffed suitcase. I helped her carry her luggage to the bus after we swapped from one bus to another, and when they saw she and I together, they assumed we were a family. She got priority seating because she had a baby, and while I explained that I was simply helping her carry her luggage, not actually traveling with her, they still let me board the bus along with her, before everyone else in line. Don’t you love instant karma?

After arriving in Kentucky, I was shuttled to the hotel where I’ll be staying the next couple days. Tomorrow we will do our entry paperwork and driving test, and the following day we’ll finish orientation. On Wednesday I’ll be paired with a trainer, and I’ll hit the road.

Stay tuned for more, dear readers! The show is just getting started.

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