Orientation, Day 1: Paperwork City

The day began at 5:30, with the typical hotel-style continental breakfast, then it was off to “Trucker University” for a mountain of paperwork and a urinalysis test. After many hours (in which numerous people fell asleep) we finished all of our processing, took photographs for our IDs, then returned to the hotel. Dinner was at the local buffet, delicious as always, and afterwards I sauntered home, stuffed. The rain began slowly but picked up to a healthy downpour, though as I write this, it’s dropped back to a drizzle. Overall, there isn’t much to say about today.

Tomorrow I will take my company driving test. Assuming I pass, I will then be paired with a trainer. With any luck, I’ll be on the road tomorrow or Wednesday, beginning my two weeks of training.

I’d cross my fingers, but that might make it harder to steer.

2 thoughts on “Orientation, Day 1: Paperwork City

  1. That storm you are experiencing has caused a lot of damage around Texas and the Southern states — many tornadoes, a few deaths, and very strong (80-90 mph) staight-line winds. Be careful and mindful of tornado sirens. Good luck tomorrow.


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