Phase 1, Day 3: Patience

I arrived at the drop spot in the Chicago area at 6am, with only 2 minutes left of drive time remaining before I was legally obligated to stop driving. My trainer took over from there, and we delivered the first part of the load before proceeding to the second drop-off point.

Driving in Chicago during morning rush-hour was as bad as can be expected… even the other truckers were recklessly forcing their way in when I was exiting the highway! You’d think they’d know better. Apparently not.

After drop-off, we headed to our next pick-up, in Aurora, Illinois. We’ve got a load destined for Mesquite, Texas. That’s right: we drove from Texas to Illinois, and now we’ll be heading back to Texas again. Good news though: while in Mesquite, I might have an opportunity to see my wife and sister, visit my house, get a good shower and a restful night’s sleep. What fortune!

There was some difficulty with the shipment in Aurora, a piece of missing information we had to retrieve from our Dispatcher. Once that information arrived, we returned to the shipper. They informed us that they would load our trailer later in the evening. Considering it was still morning, this meant we’d be sitting at the dock, waiting for nearly half a day. So, we dropped the trailer, made a trip to Walmart, then turned in for a nap while we waited for the trailer to be loaded.

Shortly after sundown, we were loaded up and ready to roll. However, rather than try to run all night again, we decided to park at a truck stop and head out in the morning. Today was a welcome respite after yesterday’s long run.

3 thoughts on “Phase 1, Day 3: Patience

  1. Houston and Chicago traffic is probably a lot like DFW traffic, if not worse. Your grandfather taught me about how trucks need their space and not to move over too close in front of them when getting into their lane. He said the same thing you said about stopping and braking distances.

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  2. Oops. I meant to put that last comment on your previous post, where it was more relevant. Oh well. I read both at the same sitting.

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