Phase 1, Day 4: Homeward Bound

Woke up this morning after a restful sleep. Much appreciated, after all the driving I’ve been doing. I hit the road and drove about seven and a half hours before my rest stop in Lebanon, Missouri. I drove through some hilly and steep roads today, and got some good practice using the engine brake. It was a beautiful drive with plenty of gorgeous vistas to enjoy as I drove.

After 500 miles, I stopped in Joplin, Missouri. We decided to stay the night at a truck stop here, then proceed the remaining 370 miles to our destination tomorrow.

While walking back to the truck after showering at the truck stop, I met a photographer who takes pictures of classic trucks. He was from Canada, and works for a company called Landstar. Nice guy. We talked a little about trucking before heading our separate ways.

I look forward to being in Texas once again, seeing my wife and sister, and sleeping in my own bed. Also, I look forward to unloading some of the extraneous stuff I brought with me and retrieving some of the stuff I meant to bring but didn’t.

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