Phase 1, Day 6: Once More, With Feeling

After a wonderful night with the family, I’m back with the truck. Our delivery was scheduled for tomorrow, but we arrived yesterday in hopes that they’d take it early. Unfortunately, the receiver said they didn’t want it until the scheduled time tomorrow. For a moment, my trainer and I thought that I might be able to stay another night with my wife and make the delivery tomorrow, but our dispatcher said she wanted us to drop the load at the Dallas drop lot then take another load. Someone else will relay our load from the drop lot while we pursue our next delivery.

I’m grateful to have been able to go home, but I’m glad to be back on the road. There’s an old trucker motto: If your wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t earning. I’m definitely looking to maximize my income, so I’m glad to be on the road again, even though another day at home would have been nice.

While I’m on the subject of home, I want to give a shout out to my mom. Today is her birthday, and I know she’ll be reading this post today, so happy birthday mom! I love you. Thanks for being wonderful!

While driving to the Dallas drop lot, we came across a truck on the side of the road which had blown a tire on the highway. There were shreds of tire all over the road and the truck’s trailer was leaning from the weight of the load and the lack of proper support. Just a reminder to everyone, truckers and civilians: always check your tires before you hit the road! Truckers have no excuse; checking the tires is part of our daily pre-trip inspection that we do before hitting the road every morning. But most people don’t think to check their personal vehicles before driving each day. Be safe! Check your vehicles before you drive.

We dropped the trailer at the drop lot around 10am, then picked up an empty trailer headed for — you guessed it! — Illinois. Having been to and from IL so frequently, I’m going to be quite familiar with the route soon.

After a short break waiting for the trailer to be loaded, we hit the road heading East. There was a little rain, but it was a good drive toward Sherman, Texas. From there we headed North toward Oklahoma. In Durant, we pulled into a Love’s, then it was my turn to drive.

The scenery was beautiful on the way back through Missouri, and I couldn’t help but wish my wife was with me to see it all. She will be, in a few months, if everything goes according to plan. I can’t wait to share this journey with her!

At 11:30, we pulled into a little mom and pop stop to sleep for the night. Another day down, and 400 miles closer to Phase 2.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I am so excited for your new position and to hear about your adventures and travels as a CDL truck driver! Have fun and enjoy!!! – Tammy (Career Navigator)

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