Phase 1, Day 8: Pennsylvania Ho!

We had hoped to make our delivery last night, but they wouldn’t let us deliver until 10:30 this morning. C’est la vie; that gave us time for a good rest. Chicago was chilly this morning, but it was refreshing.

By 12:30 we had delivered our load and we’re heading to pick up another from a paper company. Once we arrived, it was a few hours before our load was ready for us to roll. A prime opportunity for training. We discussed emergency procedures, load management, and inclement weather.

We took the paper load to a Loves and swapped trailers with another trainee. Our new load was headed to Pennsylvania, a state I’ve only seen once, so I was excited to hear that was our destination. We’d also be driving through West Virginia, a state I’ve never seen, so that was also exciting.

After many hours of driving (and some time in the shop to replace a faulty valve stem on the trailer), I stopped at a TA truck stop in London, Ohio. We decided to stay there for the night. Tomorrow, we will continue to Pennsylvania and deliver our load — if they’ll accept it early. Otherwise we’ll have to wait until Friday for delivery.
Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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