Phase 1, Day 9: Hills and Tunnels

This morning, my trainer took the wheel and headed out of Ohio. This state is so much prettier in the daylight!

In Cambridge, we switched drivers, refueled, then I hit the road headed East.

After many hours and so many beautiful views, I finally arrived in Pennsylvania, in a little town called Oxford, near the border of Maryland. We visited Walmart to restock then returned to our delivery location.

I wish I had more to say about today, but unfortunately it was fairly uneventful. Lots of incredible views, which I was unable to capture because I can’t use my phone and drive simultaneously, and lots of tunnels and hills that I had to climb. One thing I’ll say about trucking: it teaches you patience. When you’re climbing a hill at 25mph while all the other traffic passes at 65mph, you learn to appreciate the scenery and cultivate patience.

One last thing: Pennsylvania, you’re beautiful, but you smell like shit. (Literally manure. It’s farm country.) Thankfully I’m parked by a Tasty Cakes factory, so everything smells like delicious cake. Yum!

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