Phase 1, Day 11: The View Outside My Window

We arrived at our next pick-up at 9:00, after an early-morning unload. I gotta say, it’s gonna take some time before I’ll be used to sleeping in a moving truck. It’s constantly bouncing and rocking and noisy. Earplugs help, and so does a good mattress, though I’m not sure a good mattress exists for the top bunk. (That being said, you never sleep in the top rack while the truck is rolling.)

It was good to hear from my wife last night. We’ve been missing each other a lot since the day I left, but being able to talk on the phone and visit when able has definitely helped reduce the stress of separation.

The phone reception out here in Ohio has been terrible, making it difficult to keep up with social media and the various forums I frequent.

At noon we departed for Dallas, stopping in Kentucky for our 30-minute break. We will likely be taking a 34-hour break tonight and tomorrow, allowing my trainer to take care of some business at home while I reset my clock. After that, we’ll be heading for Dallas, where we hope to arrive in the afternoon or evening on Monday.

The phone reception isn’t much better out in Kentucky. I’m wondering if a different SIM card might allow me to piggyback a better network… I’ll have to see if any of Straight Talk’s SIMs use the Verizon network, as Verizon has the best coverage nationwide. (Though Verizon is pricey, so I wouldn’t want to get an actual plan through them.)

We parked at a Pilot in Tennessee, where I’ll be spending my 34-hour break. We’ll be heading out Monday morning for Dallas. Until then, I’ll be reading, writing, and finding other ways to pass the time. Fortunately, Pilot has free wifi in the shop, so I might wind up sitting outside tomorrow catching up on what’s happening online.

On the way up here, I saw the most beautiful sunset… and realized that I wouldn’t get this kind of view with any other job. One of the best things about trucking that I’ve experienced so far is the beauty of the world around me, right outside my window. You can’t get that sitting in a cubicle. I’m glad I chose this path, and I really look forward to sharing it with my wife. (Unfortunately, as I was driving, I wasn’t able to capture a picture of the sunset. Perhaps another day.)

I’m going to end this day’s journal here, and pick up again tomorrow. I hope you’re all doing well out there, and I appreciate everyone who has been reading along and sharing this journey with me! Goodnight.

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