Phase 1, Day 14: When It Rains, It Pours

We woke this morning at 7:30, when the glass people came to fix the windshield. After about 30 minutes, it was fixed and we were ready to head out. My trainer drove to the first stop, where we swapped our empty trailer with a loaded one, then I climbed in the driver’s seat and took off, headed for Richmond, Kentucky. It rained pretty hard along the way, and there was heavy traffic in some areas.

At our first stop, it was still raining. I went to the shop to use the restroom, and when I got out, my trainer wasn’t with the truck. So I waited outside in the rain, thinking he’d be out soon and we’d get back in the truck. After some time, he still hadn’t shown, and I started wondering if maybe he was sitting inside. But no, he normally comes back out to the truck, so I kept waiting. After thirty minutes, I decided maybe I should go inside (which I should have done to begin with), and as I was walking in, he was walking out. So I spent thirty minutes in the rain when I could have just gone inside. Good thing it wasn’t raining too hard…

Once we got back on the road, it was another five hours before we reached Richmond, Kentucky. By that point it was 9:30, so we parked in the overnight lot to wait until morning.

Im hoping tomorrow we will return to Murray, Kentucky, so I can start phase 2 of my training. But we won’t know until tomorrow, after we deliver this load and receive the next. I feel pretty confident about all my driving skills, though I really want more practice backing the truck into parking spots. That’s the one part of the test I’m nervous about, but my trainer assures me he’ll practice with me for a few more hours before I take the test.

I’ve enjoyed my phase 1 training so far, but im excited to be moving to phase 2 soon. I’m hoping I get matched with a competent trainee for phase 2, and anxious about being in the truck with another newbie for 40,000 miles. But every day is one step closer to completing phase 2 and going solo, and then it’s only a matter of time before I can join my wife on the road.

As the saying goes, onward and upward!

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