Phase 1, Day 16: Onwards and Upwards

Well, today is the day! We are heading back to Murray, Kentucky, where I’ll unload, take my test and start my next phase of training. During the next couple days following my Phase 2 test, I’ll be chatting with other people seeking Phase 2 partners and selecting a good candidate. I’m hoping there are some intelligent, respectful, hard-working and competent drivers available, because we’re going to be spending the next 40,000 miles together.

After returning to the Murray yard, we parked the truck and I went to grab a bite at the free steakhouse, then headed to get supplies to do laundry. The laundry facility wasn’t free, but it was a lot less expensive than doing it at a truck stop. While my laundry was running, I went to the gym and walked while watching TV. It was OK.

Tomorrow I’m going to do some parking practice, then I’ll take my test and head to the hotel to wait for a P2 partner.

Not a lot of excitement today, but I’m happy that I’ll finish P1 tomorrow. Until then, goodnight!

3 thoughts on “Phase 1, Day 16: Onwards and Upwards

  1. I was kinda glad that Schneider training went from driving with a trainer to driving solo, because i really like the solitude of the open road.


    1. I’m really looking forward to that myself. My wife is going to join me on the road once she gets her CDL, but until then, driving solo sounds wonderful. But I’ve got to drive 40,000 miles with a teammate first. One mile at a time.


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