Phase 2, Day 1: Hurry Up and Wait

Woke up after a good night’s rest, pumped up and ready to roll! Truck assignments were scheduled for 12:30, so I found a seat outside where I could enjoy the beautiful weather and waited for the time to roll by.

My P2 partner and I hoped to get lunch before we hit the road, but there was none available at the lounge, so it looked like we’d have to wait until after truck assignment.

While we were checking out at the hotel lobby, I learned that one of the guys who passed his phase 2 upgrade test at the same time as me decided to get drunk outside the hotel before getting on the bus to go home. He was celebrating his upgrade and eager to get home to share his success with his wife, but the rules clearly stated that there is no alcohol allowed on the hotel premises, and one of the hotel staff even told him he needed to put it away, but he kept drinking… So now he’s heading home, but he won’t be coming back. The company fired him for violating the company alcohol policy. I just don’t understand how a guy can be doing so well and then blow it all by getting drunk. What a waste. Hopefully he’ll be a little smarter at the next company he works for.

By 1:45, we had our truck assignment. There were a couple maintenance hiccups to take care of, but we were just glad to be finally on our way. We went to the gym for a little while, as we waited for a courtesy car, and considered paying for an Uber/Lyft driver to pick us up, since there wouldn’t be a car available for another hour and a half. We needed to go to Walmart for some supplies before heading out, and we wanted to grab some lunch, too. Fortunately, one of the cars returned early and we were able to get our errands done quickly.

After returning, we went back to check on the truck, and nobody had worked on it yet. As we were sitting around in the truck, I felt like I was missing something… Then it dawned on me: I left my backpack in the courtesy car! It had my laptop, notebook, ebooks reader and other gear in it, and by the time I returned to the car lot someone else had already taken the vehicle. So I sat until it returned, hoping that the people in the car were decent enough people to return the backpack without stealing anything. Thankfully, my faith in humanity was confirmed; the backpack returned safe and sound. Shortly after, the maintenance was complete and we were just waiting for a load. I spoke with my trainer on the phone and he said we likely wouldn’t receive a load until tomorrow, since we weren’t available for one until 6pm, so we went to the store and got some supplies for the truck, played some pool, and turned in for the night.

We are geared up and ready to roll, just waiting for the call. I’m excited to begin the first leg of my 40,000 miles. So don’t change that dial, and be sure to tune in next time to see how the adventure unfolds!

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  1. I may not comment all the time but I am there reading your about your adventure, and remembering how it compared to mine back in the 90’s. safe travels my firend

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