Phase 2, Day 2: Hurry Up and Wait, Pt. 2

I woke at 6am, went back to the service station, and checked our truck back in. The check-engine and engine warning lights are back on, and the driver’s side speaker doesn’t work. The speaker’s not such a big deal, but the engine stuff should have been fixed yesterday, and it’s putting us out-of-service for yet another day.

At 9, we were informed that they wouldn’t be able to deal with our truck until after noon, and that we might be required to take it to the Freightliner dealership to be serviced, which means even more down-time before we can take a load. Hopefully we can get paid for our miles on the way to the dealership.

We picked up some last-minute forgotten supplies, got some breakfast, then resigned ourselves to another day of thumb-twiddling and clock-watching. Meanwhile, we cleaned the interior of the truck from top to bottom, resulting in a pristine cabin in which we could live in comfort. I also figured out the problem with the speaker and solved it, thus ensuring that our road-tunes would come through clean and clear. We enjoyed some Fleetwood Mac while we worked. I’m curious what my co-driver will think of Shpongle…

My wife has been bringing in good money between her restaurant job and her freelance work, so I don’t feel too stressed over the small paycheck I’ll be getting this week, but I’m hoping we won’t have to deal with any more major delays once we are underway. The person who drove this truck before us apparently didn’t take good care of it; when we got the truck, it was dirty and out of service. We plan to leave the truck in much better shape than we found it.

At 11, we were surprised to find that our truck had been evaluated, so we did our pre-trip then headed for Jackson, Tennessee, where we would get the truck serviced. It felt good to finally be driving, but I knew I would be stopped again soon enough, so I tried not to get overly excited.

The drive was invigorating, despite being only about an hour long. After dropping off the truck, I was eager to get going again. Unfortunately, we were told that the truck wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow, so we had to check into a hotel for the night. So that’ll be at least five days without any income… this week’s check is going to be slim.

My teammate and I feel pretty miffed about the whole situation. This is a totally preventable situation. Did nobody think to do a complete inspection and evaluation of the equipment when the previous driver turned it in? Why didn’t the previous driver report these problems? Because of this oversight, not only is our team not making any money, but the company is actually losing money! I just hope this is an isolated event.

In any case, on the bright side, we will get a great night’s sleep at the hotel tonight, and hopefully tomorrow we will be able to hit the road and make some money.

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