Phase 2, Day 3: Hurry Up and Wait, Pt. 3

This morning I called the service center to ask about the truck, and they told me the ECM was bad and they’d have to get an ECM harness, which they didn’t have at the shop… Bottom line: the truck won’t be ready today. That makes six days with zero income. We might still be able to get breakdown pay, but that’s $50 a day at most. A pittance compared to what we would make if we were rolling.

When trying to get reimbursed for the hotel expense, the company kept asking for a credit card receipt, which I kept explaining we didn’t have because we had paid cash. I’m hoping they will work with us and solve this problem.

We spent the day watching Forensic Files and news on TV. I made some decent progress in a couple books I’d been reading, played some Starcraft, and wrote a little bit of a story I’ve been working on. All in all, it was a slow day.

It stormed tonight, and there was some incredible lightning. Beautiful to watch. It’s always important, even in a crappy situation, to try to recognize the beauty around you and be grateful for what you have. My wife and I are doing better financially than we’ve been doing in quite some time. I got to spend two nights of great sleep in a hotel. And I got to watch an incredible storm roll across the Tennessee sky. Today wasn’t all bad.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings good news!

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