Phase 2, Day 4: Fourth Verse, Same As the First…

Called the truck shop this morning. They said that the ECM harness they ordered, which was supposed to be delivered today via FedEx, is actually on back-order, and that they have no idea when it will actually arrive. Which means yet another day at the hotel. Which makes a complete week without any income, possibly more, depending on when they finally fix the truck.

I’ve watched more television in the last four days than I’ve watched in years. I still can’t believe that there’s more advertising than there is actual content. I’m so ready to be driving again… I hope things change tomorrow. I’m going stir-crazy!

My teammate bought an Xbox One today so we’d have something to do to alleviate the boredom. Battlefield 1 and Grand Theft Auto V, here we come! I’d rather be driving, but Xbox is better than staring at commercials all day. We got in the driver’s seat of a tractor-trailer in the game and made pretend deliveries for a few hours just because we missed making real deliveries in the real world. Grand Theft Auto was our truck-driving “methadone,” in a manner of speaking.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings better news.

2 thoughts on “Phase 2, Day 4: Fourth Verse, Same As the First…

  1. I can’t believe your company is just letting you both have that much down time, after all they are loosing money every day too. I wish you the best and hope the company just assigns you another rig.

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