Phase 2, Day 5: A Little Bit Louder and a Whole Lot Worse

This morning the shop informed us that the ECM wiring harness would have to be built from scratch since there were none available. They informed us that they have no idea when the truck will be ready.

Welcome to Trucker Limbo.

To top it off, the hotel says tomorrow night they’re completely booked, and will be unable to extend our room unless someone else cancels. So we’ve got our room for tonight, then tomorrow we will have to keep our fingers crossed. We might wind up having to find a new hotel.

In times like this, patience wears thin. But it is important to remember: This, too, shall pass. Every day brings us closer to driving again, one way or another. We are doing okay, for now. My teammate has plenty of money saved to keep him afloat, and my wife and I are in the same situation. We will be okay. We are just bored, really. And we are one week in without any income nor any progress on our 40,000 miles. But we are okay. We’re still earning our layover pay, however small it might be. Things could always be worse.

We’ve resorted to running trucker missions in Grand Theft Auto V just to keep ourselves entertained. Last night we delivered a pretend load of cars and a pretend load of gasoline to various locations around the pretend Blaine County and Los Santos. We practiced safe driving, alley docking, and parallel parking. Then we ran over a bunch of pretend motorcyclists. I mean a bunch.

Today was more of the same, interspersed with laundry and meals. I told my wife that I was going to be here another night. She said I had been gone so long that I should befriend a volleyball.

I asked the fleet manager over the Qualcomm if we could be reassigned to another truck, but I won’t know the answer until tomorrow when I check my messages. I doubt it’s possible, since we’re over 100 miles from Murray, but it never hurts to ask. Worst they can say is no.

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