Phase 2, Day 8: Roll On, Roll On

Today’s the day! After more than a week off the road, we finally got issued a new truck! At 2:30 we got the call telling us the truck was available, so we packed our bags and headed up to the truck shop to transfer our gear and hit the road. I was so excited to finally be driving again! Back behind the wheel again and making moves! What a joyous day.
We picked up a load in Tennessee headed for Houston, Texas, then “burned up the highway,” as my trainer would have said. I drove over 400 miles before swapping with my team driver and retiring to bed.

There wasn’t much other news to speak of today, but just being back behind the wheel was wonderful by itself. I look forward to bringing you even more updates in the coming days! Roll on!

(I didn’t take any photos today, so here’s a picture of me with one of my cats. This was taken shortly before I left home to begin my trucking career.)

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