Phase 2, Day 10: Rough Rider

My partner and I handled the early-morning drop in El Paso, then got a load headed for Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 1,200 miles, about 22 hours with stops, and we had 24 hours to deliver. My partner got plenty of rest last night, thank goodness, so he was ready and eager to get rolling today. Meanwhile, I’d been up for nearly 24 hours by the time the trailer was loaded this morning, so I was ready to succumb to Morpheus’ call to sleep. The next few days are going to be non-stop, so it’s important we get plenty of rest when we can.

My teammate drove until 10pm, then it was my turn. Which, to be perfectly honest, I was grateful for… As we’ve traveled these thousands of miles together, I’ve come to realize that my teammate drives in a jerky, reactive manner, and lets his mood impact his driving. He accelerates and brakes quickly. He turns sharply. He turns at speeds that aren’t high enough to flip the trailer, but are still high enough to make everything in the truck and trailer shift to the side, including the passenger trying to sleep in the back. And we’ve already had a load that was shifted off balance and needed special care when unloading because of how fast he takes curves. At least, when I’m behind the wheel, I can guarantee I’ll have a smooth, easy ride, and my partner will get plenty of sleep.

Still, I managed to get four or five good hours of sleep. After I drive for about eleven hours it’ll be my teammate’s turn again, and I can try to get more sleep.

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