Phase 2, Days 12 and 13: Happy Days Are Here Again

I arrived in Weatherford at 9am, hoping to spend the weekend recuperating with the wife before heading out Sunday morning. Unfortunately, dispatch changed our destination and delivery date, so we’ll have to head out Saturday instead. We’ll still get our 34-hour break and catch up on our sleep deficit, and I’ll get to visit my wife, but our stay won’t be as long as expected. C’est la vie.

The serenity prayer comes to mind: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” I’m not a religious man, but this is a good philosophy to adhere to.

I’m happy to say that my partner has been swiftly improving behind the wheel. I have had no problems getting decent sleep in the past couple days, which is quite the feat in a moving truck. So I am hopeful for the coming weeks.

After arriving home, my teammate and I were picked up by my wife at the truck stop. We eventually met up with one of my best friends, went out for live music (at my teammate’s excellent suggestion), and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Benito’s Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth.

Tonight was wonderful. I’m so grateful to my teammate for being willing to tolerate being the stranger among my friends and family, and I’m impressed for how well he handled it all.

I know tomorrow evening I’m going to be hitting the road on yet another long haul in a long line of long hauls… but tonight, I had a blast.

Woke up this morning after a wonderful night’s rest, cooked some breakfast, shaved my crazy beard, and packed up some things to take on the road. I’m not eager to get rolling again, because it means leaving my loving family once more, but I am definitely eager to finish my miles and go solo. And since the only way out is through, I guess it’s best to embrace it and move forward.

I’m only just beginning my voyage in Phase 2 and in my career as a trucker. I know this is the hardest part, and when I finally make it solo, I’ll be able to take home time and visit more often. And once my wife gets her license, she’ll be able to drive with me, and all of this will be so much easier. But until then, I’ve got to buckle down and drive.

I had a good visit, solved some problems, groomed, exercised, dropped off surplus, picked up necessities, and had a good 34-hour reset. The time has come to get back on the road. Tonight we ride for El Paso, arriving tomorrow morning, then we’ll swap loads and hit the road once more, headed who-knows-where. Another day in paradise.

I’ll return again tomorrow with further news of my travels! Until then, dear readers, drive safe, make good choices, and remember that I love you.

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