Phase 2, Day 15: The Streets of Laredo

The drop lot this morning was sheer chaos. My partner’s impatience really showed, and he was complaining about the situation the whole time. After leaving the drop lot, his impatience continued, and while waiting at a stop sign for a chance to turn, he eventually just said “screw it” and pulled out in front of a driver who had the right of way, forcing them to stop. I told him exactly how I felt about impulsive, unsafe driving, and advised patience. I’m hoping he doesn’t do something like that again. If he does, I may have to report it and request a new teammate. I’m not about to get in a wreck over this guy’s impatience.

After dropping the load, we got another assignment to drive a trailer from our Laredo drop lot to another customer in Laredo. A total of one paid mile for the whole delivery. This set my partner off again, but the way I see it, someone’s got to make that run, and it won’t take us long, so there’s no reason to get bent out of shape.

Of course, after that delivery was complete, they sent us to another Laredo-to-Laredo delivery, with yet one more paid mile. By this point, my teammate was royally irate. But we gotta drive what they give us, or wait around until our truck comes back through the queue. By the time we delivered the second load, it was already 7pm.

A friend of mine was also in Laredo this morning, and I was hoping to maybe take a moment to stop and have a meal with him, catch up before heading out again. Unfortunately, neither of us got an opportunity to make the stop. By the time we were available, he’d already left town.

We picked up our next load at 11pm, headed for Ohio. I drove as far as I could and then found a truck stop to park for the night. After such a slow day, sleep was greatly needed.

Tomorrow we’ll pick up north of Austin where I left off, and continue the long route to Ohio.

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