Phase 2, Day 18: Puddle Jumping

Last night was an endurance challenge as well. While I got some sleep before my shift, it wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of sleep from earlier. By about midway through my driving shift I was exhausted and feeling groggy, but I didn’t want to use energy drinks or caffeine because I wanted to be able to go right to sleep after my shift.

I decided that I could push through by staying active and staying hydrated. I ate an apple, drank some water, and ran laps at a truck stop during my 30-minute break. After that, any time I started feeling tired, I’d find a rest stop, run some laps, do some push-ups, use the restroom, drink some water, then keep going. By doing this, I stayed alert and made it all the way from North Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee. After making the drop, and picking up our next load, my teammate and I headed to a nearby Love’s for a much-needed shower — it had been four days since our last, and it was quite overdue.

Our next load was headed back to Laredo, a prospect my partner was none too thrilled about. However, it was an easy 1,200 miles, so I felt it was better than much of what we’d seen lately. Hopefully we’ll see a bigger paycheck for this week than those before.

It rained nonstop during my drive last night, and it’s been raining consistently through our drive to Laredo today. We stopped in Little Rock for a shower, and the attendant at the truck stop said “we aren’t sure if we can do any showers until we know if the power is going to go out.” Then she looked outside and said, “but if you want, I can get you a towel and some soap and you can take a shower out there.”

“Maybe if I was an exhibitionist,” I replied. She got a good laugh out of that.

After the shower, we hit the road again. I watched the Rifftrax of the movie Highlander, had a good phone conversation with my wife, and listened to the rain as we drove down the interstate. Tonight I hope to have a good night’s rest before getting behind the wheel and taking us further towards our delivery in Laredo.

Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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  1. Finding a way to deal with lack of sleep and the loads hitting when you need them sounds like your finding your over the road rhythm…. safe roads!

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