Phase 2, Day 28: Early Bird

This morning they had our truck in and out of the shop quickly and we were able to get underway ahead of expected schedule. I had a good breakfast, then drove back to Memphis to get a load headed for Illinois. My new partner already seems like a better driver and a better match than my last. I only wish he could stick around for more than 5,000 miles. C’est la vie.

I spoke to my wife this morning. She’s been missing me a lot, and I her. Separation has been challenging for both of us, but she’s been handling it very well, and has kept her chin up throughout. “I’ve developed a lot of respect for military spouses,” she told me. “It feels like you’re on deployment, and you’ve only been gone a couple months. I can’t imagine if it was six months to a year like in the military.” We realize that time will bring us together once more. We’ve just got to be strong enough to wait.

Meanwhile I’ve been seeking to cultivate new friendships with people all around the United States, so I (and, when my wife joins me in the truck, we) can have people to visit and spend time with when we make stops in different states. It’s slow going, but it’s going. I made a new friend yesterday who lives in Maryland, and she and I have been chatting on Facebook about jobs, life, books, travel, and all kinds of other topics. While we haven’t met face-to-face, I’m glad to have made a new social connection. It helps to know I’ve got a good conversation to look forward to after a long day.

I have also been keeping myself occupied with audiobooks while I’m driving. This morning I finished “The Shadow Over Insmouth” by H.P. Lovecraft, and began “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse. Both have been good reads, but each for different reasons. Though I do wish they had a more contemporary voice — Lovecraft can be long-winded, and Hesse’s work reads like scriptures. I finished “Interview with a Vampire” by Anne Rice a day or two ago, but it was abridged, which was somewhat upsetting. I’ll definitely have to read the full book. I’m also looking forward to finishing “The Body In the Library” by Agatha Christie. I’m happy to have renewed my passion for reading. It’s a great way to pass time, and keeps my writing skills fresh.

Well, it’s getting late and I’m getting sleepy so I’m gonna call it a night. Sleep well, everyone, and be good to yourselves.

5 thoughts on “Phase 2, Day 28: Early Bird

  1. I had to read “Siddhartha” when I was a sophomore humanities student in high school back in 1973-1974. When you “have” to read something, you don’t want to. That’s how I was, anyway. So I sludged through it.

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    1. I totally understand. That’s why I’m revisiting some of my least favorite required reading as an adult; I hope to discover that my aversion was to the obligation, not to the book.


  2. I don’t know if this book fits in with what you enjoy reading/listening to but “Coming into the Country” by John McPhee and the chapter titled ‘Coming into the country’ embodied everything I found in the people and life in the Northern wilderness of Alaska. On a lighter note and one that is totally insane I have read many entertaining books by Kurt Vonnegut Jr like the ‘Sirens of Titan’ that are totally absurd and at least to me worthy of some time. Congrats on your new partner and hopefully you will find another golden nugget of a driver to complete your team driving….safe roads

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