Phase 2, Days 29 and 30: Brake Lights and Books

In the morning we received a haul headed to Houston, a solid 1,100 miles. On the way out of Chicago, however, we discovered that our brake lights had stopped working. So we pulled into a truck stop and waited for the maintenance guy to come fix the truck. It took some time, but we got the situation sorted out and continued on our way.

While driving, I finished Siddhartha, which was quite a good book full of interesting philosophical concepts tied inextricably to Buddhism and Hinduism. My only major complaints, as I said before, are the scriptural nature of the prose, and the way the audiobook narrator sounded as if he was talking down to a child with every word. But I finished it, and was at parts moved to tears, so I was moved despite the narrator and style.

Throughout the day, I enjoyed an on-and-off philosophical discussion with a friend of mine on Facebook, which kept my mind active and alert. I wasn’t able to talk as much as I’d hoped, due to only being able to chat on breaks, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. In the end, we both stood enlightened and glad for the discussion. (I love when that happens!)

After finishing Siddhartha, I took on some lighter fare by beginning to listen to The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This one had a much better narrator than Siddhartha, but the book was split into two audio tracks, each four hours long, so I couldn’t easily intersperse the book with music without losing my place. So I broke up the narrative with periods of silence.

By 10pm I was exhausted and needed to switch drivers. My partner drove on through the night while I rested. I’m sleeping so much better with him behind the wheel than with my previous partner! So much so that I slept to the point of not being sleepy and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I actually had time to read more of The Body in the Library and write more of this blog.

While chatting with my online friend, I discovered a solid way to make a decent side-income online, so I was excited to see how that might develop.

We arrived in Houston a day ahead of schedule, stopped at a Love’s for a free shower and some drinks, then headed out to the customer to make the delivery.

Unfortunately, the consignee was closed when we arrived, so we had to find somewhere to park for the night. I drove to a local Walmart, and was told they wouldn’t kick us out if we parked out in the lot, so that’s what I did.

I got an opportunity to talk with my wife, and read a bedtime story to her. She fell asleep halfway through, so I will have more to read next time she calls. It was nice sharing that moment with her, and I look forward to reading with her again. We always enjoyed reading to each other at home, and it’s nice that we can continue even when I’m away.

It’s tough being only a couple hours from home and yet unable to visit. I’m hoping tomorrow’s next load takes us through Dallas, but I know the chances are slim. Such is life. I’m nearly halfway finished with Phase 2, and I’m confident I’ll find myself near home again soon. Perhaps then I’ll be able to drop by.

There was a heavy thunderstorm this evening, but it passed over us without much trouble. Just a spot of rain, nothing more. So my co-pilot and I stayed inside and watched the Rifftrax of Wizard of Oz. A fine way to wrap up the evening.

Until tomorrow, best wishes and goodnight.

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