Phase 2, Day 31: Take a Right at the Castle

We attempt to deliver this morning only to be told we had to return at 1pm. So I asked the gate guard where we could park while we wait, and she directed me to head down a nearby road and “take a right at the castle.” She said it was a church that looked like a castle, so I expected it to have tall spires or towers, but I never expected it would look like a literal castle. It did.

We parked by the castle and I walked to a nearby café with free WiFi, so I could catch up on my email and chat some with my friends back home. My wife had met some new people at the party the other night, and I was eager to say hello.

I wound up spending four hours chatting with a pretty awesome lady who enjoys painting and with whom my wife had made a good impression. We became quick friends. I’m glad to finally be expanding my social circles and meeting new people! I only wish I was physically present to greet them and spend time together. Regardless, the textual conversations have been a welcome break from the isolation of life on the road.

I listened to a good deal more of The Secret Garden today, and have been enjoying the story quite a lot. It’s a children’s story, but it’s a nice reprieve from the serious books I’ve been reading lately. I also finished The Body in the Library, which turned out differently than I expected, but was pretty enjoyable.

We finally got unloaded, then loaded again, then headed off for our destinations in Ohio and Mississippi. We discovered that one of our tires had been punctured by a few nails and bolts from a construction site and had to get the tire changed, which took time, and by the time we hit the road again it was nearing midnight. I had a long conversation with a good friend of mine, then my wife called and I read her another bedtime story. This one was a little dry, and put us both nearly to sleep long before it was over. So we said our goodnights and went to bed.

While we may be separated for the moment, I’m definitely grateful we live in the age of the cellular phone and mobile internet. It makes the separation less severe and helps me keep in regular contact with others.

Well, my time draws to a close today. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! Goodnight everyone.

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