Phase 2, Days 32 and 33: New Roads, New Friends, New Stories

On Thursday, as we were pulling into a truck stop, we encountered a recruiter from our company who happened to be in the area, and he was nice enough to buy us lunch. So my co-pilot and I had a good meal at Denny’s, talked shop with the recruiter, and had a great time before continuing on our journey to Ohio.

We spent the night in a little Ohio truck stop, made our delivery, then headed out for our next load, going from Nebraska to Mississippi. While my partner drove, I had some really great conversations with some wonderful people on Facebook. It feels good to expand my social circle, and I look forward to having friends to visit when Christina and I make stops in various parts of the country.

While we drove, our load to Mississippi was rescheduled for the 30th, which would have us waiting around 4 days for pick-up. So dispatch tried to find another load for us to run, rather than have us sitting around for ages.

We eventually got a load for Kroger, and hit the road. I got some sleep as we were rolling in the afternoon and prepared myself to drive all night. Tomorrow we expect to make our delivery before noon, even though it isn’t due until the next day.

I finished The Secret Garden yesterday. It was a heartwarming tale for sure, and had an excellent narrator. In fact, after spending so much time listening to her Yorkshire accent, I frequently found myself speaking with a Yorkshire inflection as well! Following this, I began listening to The Time Traders by Andre Norton. It’s been a decent story so far, though there are a few weak points in the plot and details that have made me roll my eyes from time to time. All in all, though, it’s been a rollicking fun adventure so far. I’ll probably finish it tonight, then start reading (rather, listening to) Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. (It’s one of my favorite Austen books.)

I have also been reading stories to my wife whenever possible. We used to read to each other quite often when I was home, and it’s been a good way for us to stay in touch and keep the loneliness at bay despite the distance between us. We love stories, both of us, and sharing them is a delight.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope to bring good news tomorrow about my travels, and look forward to seeing what the new day will bring. Until then, much love! Be well.

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