Phase 2, Day 34: Rest Stop

I finished listening to Time Traders by Andre Norton last night as I drove from Ohio to Georgia. It was an interesting story, perhaps a little thin on verisimilitude, with certain plot contrivances, but overall it was enjoyable. I’ve now begun Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, one of my favorites.

Last night, as I drove, I felt my eyelids getting heavy and my attention wavering. This is nothing new; as my regular readers know, dealing with drowsiness is a frequent part of a team driver’s life. In previous days I’ve had to resort to extreme measures like stopping every 30 minutes for exercise in order to stay alert, but the primary cause for this was poor planning and time management. Before, when my old teammate and I would have an 8-hour window, he and I would sleep for six hours, leaving two in case of traffic or emergencies. This was foolish. Yesterday, my new copilot and I saw that we had a 12-hour cushion, but instead of stopping we kept rolling. Because we had not burned our time-cushion, I was able to pull into a rest stop when I got drowsy, park the truck, and get a 4-hour nap before continuing on the road to finish my run. An important lesson learned, and a safer resulting outcome.

After today’s run, I had over 17,000 miles under my belt, much closer to reaching my goal than I had previously estimated. I’m hoping that I can finish Phase 2 in the next three weeks, four tops. And on top of this, I have even more good news: my copilot, who is much closer to finishing his Phase 2, has said that he’d be happy to keep running teams with me instead of going solo so that he can make better money and I can finish Phase 2 without having to look for another partner. We’ve got a good thing going, so neither of us wants to halt the momentum. It feels great to finally have a good partner!

Unfortunately, despite arriving at noon, the customer wouldn’t accept our delivery until midnight, forcing us to wait 12 hours to deliver. To make matters worse, our next load doesn’t pick up until 7pm tomorrow, meaning we are going to be sitting around for 31 hours doing nothing before we can continue our journey.

To pass the time, we watched the Rifftrax of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and I had more fun conversations with friends online.

I appreciate the break, but I hope this kind of delay isn’t a regular occurrence. I want to knock out my last 13,000 miles as soon as I can! But I cannot see the future, so it’s best just to accept what delays may come and move on.

Much love, dear readers. I’ll be with you again tomorrow!

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