Phase 2, Days 35 and 36: Stomping Grounds

This morning, as I slept, my copilot picked up our empty trailer from Kroger and proceeded to our next customer, hoping to pick up early if possible. They had a trailer ready, but it wasn’t the one we were assigned to grab. Copilot called dispatch asking if they would swap loads between us and the other drivers who were supposed to grab the available load, since we were there already and the other drivers were late. That way, we could roll on instead of waiting until 7pm, and they could pick up our load when they arrived. Unfortunately, dispatch was not willing to make the change, so the customer had to sit on a load waiting for late drivers, and we had to sit on our laurels until 7pm. When we finally got our load, they wouldn’t let it go until 9pm, despite the fact that the load was due 14 hours later, and would take us 16 hours to deliver. Needless to say, we delivered late.

Following this, we got a load heading from Houston to Pensacola, Florida. I was pretty excited about this, as I had spent 6 months in Pensacola when I was in the Navy. I am excited to return to my old stomping grounds, and hope we can find time to visit the beach while we are there. We were given two days to deliver, and it’s only 13 hours away, so it’s quite possible my hopes might become a reality, though this depends a lot on how close to the water our delivery will take us.

I finished listening to Northanger Abbey, and had been wondering what audiobook I should listen to next. So I asked one of my best friends what I should listen to next, and she suggested the Foundation Trilogy. I’m excited about this, for I’ve been meaning to read that series for a while now.

We headed out from Houston at 8pm, my copilot taking the first driving shift. He’ll probably drive well into the night, and I’ll take over later on tonight or tomorrow morning. So I’ll end this entry here and return to you all tomorrow.

Much love!

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