Phase 2, Day 37: Kickin’ Back

I woke this morning in Alabama, one hour from our designated drop spot. My copilot desired a 34-hour break, and though we will likely fulfill this need when we reach Fort Worth on Sunday, I knew he could use the rest. So we spent the day at a TA, and I entertained myself by taking pictures in the nearby woods. (You shall see plenty of these images in the coming days, I assire you.)

I also took the time to begin listening to the Foundation trilogy, as planned, and to catch up on my own rest. I visited a local McDonalds, more for the wifi than for the food, and had some good conversations with my friends in Maryland and back home. I also got a call from my fleet manager, who informed me that our next load would be heading to Virginia, then from there to Fort Worth. I must say, I’m quite excited to be returning home. I’m also excited to return to Virginia, though I do not know if I’ll be in or near the Hampton Roads area, nor how much time I’ll have when I’m there, so I’m unsure if I’ll be able to visit my dear friends in the area. But, as ever, I am hopeful.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be delivering our load in Florida, bright and early. So tonight I’m going to bed early as well. It’s been a good day. Love you all! More tomorrow.

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