Phase 2, Day 38: Drivers on the Storm

We made our delivery in Pensacola this morning, with the sun shining and birds tweeting and all things beautiful and right in the world. Soon as we left, however, it began raining, and rained the rest of the day as we drove back to Texas. Yes, Texas; we were not given the load to Virginia which we were promised, but rather another load back to Texas. Our dispatchers are trying to keep us in the area so’s they can get us home on the 4th.

Soon after beginning to listen to Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, I realized that it was actually an old radio dramatization and not an audiobook. Due to the poor quality of the recording, I decided to choose a different book to listen to. I settled on Tolstoy’s War and Peace, but was once again disappointed when I realized that it was a severely abridged version rather than the complete work. If I’m going to consume War and Peace, I want the whole damn burrito, not just a flavorful bite! Finally I settled on Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd, which was enjoyable, but seemed sparse. It was unabridged, yet still read more like a historical account in a textbook than a work of fiction. Nonetheless, it kept my attention as I drove I-10 for so many hours.

Speaking of I-10, this must be the bumpiest highway upon which I’ve ever driven. It bounces you about so hard that it’s impossible to get any sleep and nearly as hard to read a book, even when you set the text on the ebook reader to the super-extra-large, one-word-per-page size. I believe I’ll write my congressman and lodge a complaint. It won’t amount to anything, but it’ll give me something to do while I’m bouncing around the backseat of the truck. Of course, the letter will be incomprehensible, because I can’t write legibly on such a rough highway… You get the idea.

Anyway, it’s been a long and wet day, and it’s time I get some sleep. Tomorrow we’ll be in Texas. Next: who knows? I’ll keep you updated, as always.

4 thoughts on “Phase 2, Day 38: Drivers on the Storm

  1. Shame about Asimov’s Foundation trilogy because I have read and re-read all ((5)) of the books and was surprised because I found over a thousand pages and not one incident of physical violence… just a great read!

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