Phase 2, Days 39, 40 and 41: Time Keeps On Slipping

The days sometimes blur together. Load, drive, unload, rinse, repeat. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing much to write home about. I find myself chatting with people, with little more to say than “I was in Florida, then I went to Alabama, then headed to Texas. Tomorrow I’ll be in Tennessee.” I wish there was more to report sometimes, more than the road and the clouds and the rain and the sun. I’m sure there will be more to see and do when I’m with my wife on the road, but right now we wind up leaving a place before I feel I’ve even arrived.

I would have liked to dip my toes in the water off the beach in Pensacola, but we had to make a stop in Alabama, so there was no time for the beach. C’est la vie.

I’m taking home time in just a couple days. I look forward to seeing my loved ones, meeting new friends. It’ll be a short visit, and it’ll likely be the last visit home I make during Phase 2, but when I’m done and finally start driving solo, I plan to throw a “graduation” party with plenty of guests. Meanwhile, I intend to burn up the road and finish my miles ASAP. Running teams with mere acquaintances is not how I want to be spending my time.

Don’t misunderstand, my current copilot is a good one. Fantastic guy. But my goal to train my wife requires that I drive solo for a very period of time, so we must eventually part ways. Hopefully we will cross paths on the road plenty.

Anyway, nothing for it but to finish the miles.

I listened to Bram Stoker’s Dracula today, narrated by Christopher Lee. It was well-narrated, and I quite enjoyed it. It got me through the workday, and brightened my day.

More later.

The last couple days have passed quickly. Lots of driving and sleeping and chatting with friends online. But most of all, waiting to reach home. Well, today’s the day. I’m parked at a truck stop in Fort Worth, waiting to be collected by my wife, eager for a bit of R&R. I will be heading out again Monday afternoon, but until then I’m going to wind down, visit friends and loved ones, have some good food, get lots of sleep, and recharge my social batteries, so to speak.

I will likely not write another post until after the break, but don’t worry! I will return.

Much love, dearest readers. Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Phase 2, Days 39, 40 and 41: Time Keeps On Slipping

  1. Trucking is akin to most other jobs. Get up go to work come home and sleep, but without the many momentary encounters a trucker sees. Come on I am sure on any given trip you have seen sights that made you pause and at least felt good about what you were seeing. The problem is that when we drove our minds were on the driving and we could not fully appreciate what we were witnessing as it passed by.

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    1. As always, there is truth in what you say! I’ve seen some good, some bad, some beautiful. It’s all about keeping your eyes open and being receptive. I guess I’ve been falling into the pattern. When I stop for photos, I always try to capture the sights most people would overlook. I should keep this mindset throughout my everyday life.


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