Phase 2, Day 42: The Shadow Knows

My time at home was an utter delight. On the first day back, we had a barbecue cookout and one of my best friends in the world came to spend the night. My copilot helped grill the veggies and meat and supplied us with plenty of beer, and we watched the Rifftrax of Batman and Robin. It was a beautiful homecoming, surrounded by wonderful people, good food, and lots of laughter.

The following morning, my teammate cooked us breakfast and even washed the dishes afterwards. We took a trip to Half Price Books to stock up on audiobooks, watched some fun shows on TV, played games with my sister, and had a blast. In the evening, my wife and I had a double-date with a beautiful and talented couple which lasted well into the night. It was a fantastic evening, and we all eagerly await our next opportunity to get together.

Finally, on the last day of our visit, we took care of some chores, picked up supplies, had a short but sweet video-chat with some out-of-town friends of ours, downloaded a plethora of free public-domain audiobooks, and shared some fond moments together before returning to the truck. I was sad to leave home again, but felt completely refreshed and ready to head out. I look forward to returning again in a month or so, when I’ve finished phase 2 of my training and will finally be driving solo. It feels like a long way off, but I know it’ll be here before I know it.

My teammate was such a wonderful addition to the weekend that I was actually glad he was able to join us. Such a far cry from my previous partner! My whole household has expressed their appreciation for him, and has invited him to return any time as a welcome guest.

We spent today driving to Illinois to deliver a load of toilets and other household plumbing. Unfortunately, our trailer sprung an air leak and we weren’t able to drive for six hours. But this, as with all things, came to pass, and we were back on the road and heading to our destination once more.

We didn’t arrive or drop the trailer until 3am the next morning. I spent the whole of my 8-hour drive listening to old episodes of The Shadow, marveling at the convenient deus ex machina plot resolutions and the regular convenient last-minute escapes by the protagonist. Just when you thought The Shadow was doomed… surprise! He had some previously unknown trick up his sleeve that saves him at the last minute. Yet as bad as the writing may have been, there’s an odd charm to these late-30s, early-40s crime dramas, and they definitely kept me entertained throughout my drive.

I’ve completed 21,713 of my 30,000 miles in Phase 2. That leaves another 8,287 miles to go. I may be done sooner than I expected!

I’m now parked at a truck lot and waiting until 8am before heading to our next pick-up. An opportune time for a nap. I’ll be back with you all later today or tomorrow. Until then, much love, and make good choices!

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