Phase 2, Days 45 and 46: California Dreams Redux

After dropping the last load yesterday, we got a new assignment, heading 1,600 miles West into California. Needless to say I was thrilled, considering I missed my last chance to run to Cali. I’m hoping they send us from Cali to Pennsylvania next, because that’s a good 3,000 mile run. This could be a very profitable week!

I drove through the night, heading West through Texas, then swapped with my copilot around 1am this morning. After a good bit of sleep, I woke to discover we had passed through New Mexico and were driving through Arizona. We’ve still got a good many miles ahead of us, but we will probably arrive in California tonight or tomorrow morning, though we won’t be able to deliver until Monday, so I hope we stop somewhere interesting.

I took over again at 2pm, rested and ready to burn up the highway. I had my newest audiobook selected: Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. I’d heard of it before, but never read it, so when I found it at Half Price Books (and saw it was a 27-hour long production) I jumped at the opportunity to give it a listen. After the first 3 hours, I was hooked, though this was a far cry from what I typically read. I’m eager to discover what happens to the young protagonist as she butts heads with her well-meaning but overprotective father.

As I was leaving Arizona, I caught sight of a large hill that had caught fire. It blanketed a significant part of the city, and seemed to be out of control. My partner snapped a picture.

We made a stop at a little truck stop where they were selling metal sculptures. There were welded dinosaurs everywhere:

I drove through the night, finally reaching our destination in California at 3am. Unfortunately, the only available parking costs $20 per night, and we’re going to be here for 2 nights, so I’m hoping the company will reimburse us for parking.

I’m ready to settle in for a good night’s rest as I write this final passage. I look forward to tomorrow, though I know it’ll consist of blowing my day at the truck stop. I’d love to see more of Cali, but don’t have the spare cash to hire a cab. So I’ll see what I can see from the truck stop and through my windows.

In any case, I’ll keep you updated! Much love, dear readers. Goodnight.

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