Phase 2, Day 49: Road Recovery

Today our fleet manager called with a change of plans. My teammate and I are going to Arkansas instead of Indiana, and we’re going to help recover an abandoned truck. We’re going to drive there together, then we’re going to drop our load and take over the second truck, then roll as a caravan back to the West Memphis lot. From there we can roll out and get another load.

During the journey, I read a book about writing poetry and had deep discussions with some friends of mine about relationships, trust and freedom – subjects about which I have much to say, though I shall spare you all the burden of my lectures, at least for today.

It was, overall, a relatively uneventful day. I enjoyed reading, got a good shower at a truck stop, slept a while, and played some video games before we swapped drivers once more. Tomorrow morning we will arrive at the Arkansas drop lot, rest up, then take the second truck back to West Memphis.

I will, of course, keep you abreast of all the juicy details.

Until then, my loyal readers, I bid thee goodnight.

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