Phase 2, Days 47 and 48: Venice Beach

Yesterday morning, as I arrived in Ontario, California, I got a call from a trucker buddy of mine who works for a different company. Turns out he was parked at the truck stop across the street from where I was parked, so we got together with his sister and his niece (who live here in California) and we drove out to Venice Beach. I spent the day walking around the beach, catching up on the latest news, and getting to know his sister and her daughter, who were both lovely people. We had food and drinks at a nearby cafe, went back to the beach for a swim, then as the sun began to set we headed back to the truck stop and enjoyed dinner together before heading our separate ways. It was quite an unexpected treat, to say the least, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to make new friends.

This morning I was awakened by a call from my fleet manager asking why we hadn’t delivered our load yet (we had until 4pm, he was calling at 8am). He was frustrated because we had set our ETA for this morning, so he had informed the customer that we would be delivering bright and early. Unfortunately, the alarm we set didn’t wake my copilot, so we didn’t get on the road until 8:30. We weren’t late for the delivery, of course, but our fleet manager was upset because he had expected us to honor our ETA, and he had to call the customer back and let them know we would be in later than expected. Moral of the story: wake up to your alarms, and set your ETA with plenty of time to spare. If we had set our ETA for 10am, then when we arrived at 9am it would make us look early, but since we set it for 8am, arriving at 9am made us look bad.

In any case, we made our delivery and headed to the next pick-up, then set our GPS to route us to Indiana for our next 1,900-mile run. That will put us at nearly 5,000 miles this week, with a couple days to spare. If we continue at this pace, I’ll be done with Phase 2 next week.

My copilot drove through the day, and I drove into the night. By the time I reached New Mexico, I was exhausted, so I pulled over and parked for the night.

It’s time for sleep, so I’ll return again another day to continue relating my journey. Until then, be excellent to each other. Goodnight!

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  1. Though not a fan of CA in general I did visit Venice beach when my daughter lived there and like yourself enjoyed walking the beach and boardwalk while observing all its different/strange inhabitants.

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