Phase 2, Day 50: Recovery Shenanigans and a Nice Surprise

This morning brought new and exciting developments. We were told yesterday that we were going to drop our old in Arkansas, recover a manual-transmission tractor, bring it back to West Memphis, then continue on our merry way. This morning, however, we were informed that our team would be splitting up, my copilot taking the manual as his own truck and me continuing on with the original load on my own. This wasn’t our original plan, and we weren’t thrilled about it. I wondered, had I already completed enough miles to go solo? Did they expect me to find a different partner later? There were so many questions, so few answers.

At 6am we called our fleet manager, who informed me that I had indeed upgraded from Phase 2 and was now a solo driver. My copilot would be taking the 10-speed and rolling on alone, though he hoped he would be able to swap back to an automatic, as he wasn’t as comfortable with the manual transmission. Unfortunately, the higher-ups in the company had other plans, and stuck him with the manual.

So the good news is that I’ve officially completed my training! The bad news is that my teammate has to drive a stick. I’m sure he’ll get used to it… but it would be nice if they’d let us know ahead of time.

We drove the trucks to a nearby truck stop and parked to share one last meal before we head our separate ways. I’m hoping our paths cross again further down the road.

After our meal, we headed to our respective trucks and turned in for a short nap. However, I wasn’t really sleepy, and the excitement of finally going solo had me giddy, so I kept rolling and made my way to my fuel stop before turning in for the night.

Tomorrow I deliver my first solo load! And since I’m not going to be rolling 24/7, I’ll have more freedom to write, read, and blog. I’m excited for this prospect.

Today is a day for rejoicing! So I’m gonna rejoice by taking a shower, reading a good book, and getting plenty of sleep. Such excitement!

Much love, dear readers. More to come!

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