Out of the Nest

My first day of solo driving was… less than phenomenal. But every day can’t be all California runs and flaming mountains, so I guess I can’t complain. I woke at 4:30am, hit the road by 5. The sky was overcast, and fat droplets of rain pelted my windshield for the first hundred miles or so of my drive.

I arrived in Indiana in due time, made my delivery 30 minutes early… but they didn’t have an empty trailer for me, so I was unable to transition directly into my next preplan. Instead, I wound up spending the rest of the day puddle-jumping around Kentucky, picking up empty trailers and dropping them off elsewhere. Not a very profitable day. By the time I had run out my clock, I was exhausted, and I’d driven three hundred miles just to deliver one empty trailer and pick up another. I turned in for the night with little fanfare and much relief.

One good piece of news: They switched my fleet manager yesterday, and now I’m assigned to the same woman who is my trainer’s fleet manager. From my experience with her in training, she is a good FM to have. So that’s a plus.

After delivering my first empty trailer today, dispatch directed me to “bobtail” (drive the tractor without a trailer) to Memphis, Tennessee, where they would set me up with a load. After a long day’s drive, I picked up the trailer and made my way to a truck stop for the night. I’m going to deliver tomorrow afternoon at 6pm in Indiana, which means I’ll be waking up at 5am. I have to account for the difference in time zone, which will cost me an hour as I pass into EST from CST.

I’ve been thinking a bit about my plans for going home and seeing the family. My wife has expressed an interest in riding along with me as a passenger, which I think would be a great way for her to learn more about the business and mechanics of truck driving. However, that will require her to quit her job, so we’re likely going to save up some money beforehand, to ensure we don’t wind up in a financial bind as we hit the road together. I’m very excited about her joining me though, so we are going to do whatever it takes.

I’m also excited to say that there’s a decent chance I could be her trainer when that time comes. Along with the benefit of being with my wife, being her trainer also means we will get a brand new truck, extra bonus pay, and we won’t ever have to worry about her trucking with a stranger. So I hope you will all say a prayer or make a wish or cast a spell or cross your fingers… whatever it is you prefer to do to convince the universe to work in our favor. Thanks.

I’m off to take a shower and kick back for the evening. I wish you all the best, and I’ll be back again soon!

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  1. Sometimes, as you have found, the best laid plans of the over the road drivers hit potholes. Just keep your goal in sight and roll with the punches and I believe you and your wife will one day be running the roads together.

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