Best Laid Plans

After today’s early-morning delivery, I was directed to pick up a load of sugar from a local refinery here in Louisiana. However, upon inspecting the trailer, a number of leaks were discovered. You see, there was a tropical storm crashing about the gulf, and it’s been throwing tons of rain all along the states bordering the coast. Considering that I was to be hauling sugar, any moisture in the trailer could ruin the load. So I was sent to get the trailer fixed.

The first shop I was sent to didn’t repair box van trailers. Their specialty was tanker trailers. But they directed me to another repair shop, about thirty minutes away. When I arrived at the second shop, it was time for lunch, and I had to wait for the repair people to come back before they could start working on the trailer. After an hour, I was informed that the repairs would take more than a day, so I had to drop the trailer off and find another empty trailer, preferably one without leaks.

The nearest empty trailer was an hour away. I had some difficulty finding the trailer after I arrived, but finally it was discovered in a secondary drop lot. I hooked up and directed my GPS to take me back to the sugar shop, but by this time I was 2 hours away, and I only had an hour and a half left on my clock. I drove as far as I could before parking at a truck stop for the night.

The whole day felt wasted, all because of a leaky trailer, but these things happen. This is going to delay my delivery significantly, but the customer has been made aware of it, and there’s nothing I can do to make this situation any different now. So, rather than get frustrated, I’ve decided to accept the delay and look forward to the possibilities tomorrow might bring.

Tonight I’m parked at a little hole-in-wall truck stop, which happens to contain its own little casino. I’m not a gambling man, though… and having been to the grand and lavish casinos in Lima, Peru, these little “casinos” – which are really just a collection of slot machines – don’t really interest me as anything more than strange anthropological curiosity. Still, it’s something I don’t see often in my home state, so it’s kind of cool. I’m still not going to play, though. I can think of a million better uses for my hard-earned cash.

Well, it’s off to sleep now. Wish me luck for tomorrow! I’ll catch you all later. Goodnight.

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