Celebrating Freedom With Explosives 

I’m home, and happily reunited with my wife, sister and cats. Life is good. I spent the morning mowing and doing yard work with my wife, and the afternoon shopping for food for our celebration of the 4th of July tonight. My mother came out to shop with us, then accompanied us to Grandma’s house on the outskirts of Parker county, where we shot off fireworks and enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner. Afterwards, we played some Skip Bo and reminisced about days gone by. It was a good visit, and I’m glad I was able to come home and spend the 4th with my family.

The only person not present was my father, who unfortunately had to work tonight. Tomorrow he will be joining us for lunch, which will doubtless be filled with good conversation and recollection of the time since we last saw one another.

Tomorrow I’m celebrating a joint birthday party for my wife and one of our mutual best friends. I’m happy to be home and have the opportunity to see all these wonderful people. We hope to have a delicious dinner together, followed by a raucous and jovial celebration. Before this, I’m to meet with my father for lunch, since I wasn’t able to see him tonight. I look forward to showing him the truck, as I showed my mother this afternoon.

I know this is a short post, but I’m bushed. I will post more soon. Until then, I love you all, and happy Fourth of July!

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