To Albuquerque and Back

On Wednesday, the truck shop called to inform us the truck was ready. However, upon our arrival, the truck was still in pieces, and we had to wait another three hours before they had everything truly ready to go. Following this, we bobtailed home, packed for our journey, and hit the road.

Our first task was to fuel up, after which we tracked down an empty trailer northeast of Dallas, then drove to Roanoke to pick up our first load. The pick-up was supposed to be done by midnight, and we expected to be hooked and hauling by ten, but heavy construction, closed roads, and a GPS that was consistently sending us down nonexistent roads and wrong forks caused our commute to take much longer than expected. We finally picked up the load at 1:30am on Thursday, leaving us insufficient time to make our Albuquerque delivery on time this morning. Fortunately, a call to my fleet manager sorted everything out, so when I arrived at 9am this morning, I was safely within the window of my new appointment.

Figuring out our sleeping arrangements has been an interesting exercise. Wednesday night my wife and I were able to fit into the bottom bunk together and slept comfortably, despite the bed being less than twin-size. There were a few times we woke in the night to roll over or reposition, but overall it was alright. Thursday night, however, was a different matter. We were too cold on the outside, too hot on the inside, and had trouble getting to sleep, let alone staying asleep. So this morning we decided to employ both bunks, which meant we wouldn’t have the comfort of both bunks’ mattresses stacked up on the bottom bunk, but we would have a whole bunk to ourselves, and we would have better control over our temperature. My wife is smaller and likes to sleep warmer, so she got the top bunk, where she can close her vent and be cozy. Meanwhile I can sleep on the bottom bunk, letting all the cool air settle around me while the warm air rises to her bunk above me, and we’ll both be happy. The beds themselves won’t be as comfortable, but hopefully we will get better sleep in the compromise.

We made our next pick-up for the day in Plainview, Texas, six hours from Albuquerque, then parked for the night. The load is due Monday at 4am in Fort Worth, so we’ve got two days to drive six hours. We should be able to make it there tomorrow, which is great, because then we might be able to spend my wife’s birthday at home. Even though we only just left, it would be nice to drop by again – we’ve realized a few things we don’t need in the truck, and a few we do, so going home would be a boon.

We are parked for the night, and my wife wants to unwind with a movie here in the truck, so I’m going to wind up this post. It’s good to be back on the road, and you can all expect my regular frequent posts to return once more.

Your homework for the weekend is to pay someone a sincere compliment and to give someone a hug. Grades will be assigned Monday. Class dismissed.

One thought on “To Albuquerque and Back

  1. Hugged the grandchildren my son and his wife on Sunday so I am covered there. But living alone and newly moved to Texas don’t know anyone who would not look strangely at me if I complemented them so will humbly ask for a pass on the incomplete assignment.

    Safe roads ahead my friend!

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