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We reached Fort Worth on Sunday, where we celebrated my wife’s birthday with some delicious Indian food and a movie. The food was delicious, but the film left us wanting. We watched Wonder Woman, which was supposed to be a phenomenal film, with much praise all around. Unfortunately, we felt the movie did not live up to the hype. I was overjoyed to see a strong female protagonist who can serve as a role-model for young women, exemplifying independence, bravery and assertiveness, and I believe this is a film that every young woman ought to see, and every young man as well! I think it’s important that all children realize that bravery and heroism doesn’t depend on gender. Politics aside, however, my wife and I felt that the movie’s writing and acting was lackluster, leaning too heavily on tired tropes and cliché. There were no real surprises, just lots of special effects covering a thin story, which was basically just the traditional hero’s journey (see: Joseph Campbell) with a woman protagonist. Which is to say, with the exception of the lead character’s gender, this wasn’t much different than most of the other superhero movies that have come out in the past decade. Fun, but not outstanding.

Still… go see it. And take your kids. (The ones over age 13 at least.)

After delivery on Monday, we got a load headed to Indiana, due on Wednesday at 6am. A 900-mile run. We made good time on Monday, stopping for the night at a rest area in Big Cabin, Oklahoma, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Cherokee Cafe while reading House of Leaves. My wife had a chicken salad, while I enjoyed a country fried steak with brown gravy. Dee-lish! A good break from the traditional rice-with-tuna that has become our routine.

This morning I woke at 2am and drove until 3pm (with breaks along the way, of course). There was a major slow-down on the highway, which would have cost us an hour and a half, so we took a detour through some state highways. However, these roads turned out being skinny two-lane back roads with no shoulders and ditches on both sides. A stressful drive, for sure, especial when I passed a big rig headed the opposite direction. But I made it through, safe and sound, white-knuckling the wheel the whole way, then continued on the interstate once I’d bypassed the slow-down. We made it all the way to the drop location before stopping, which allowed us to enjoy a nice, leisurely evening before getting a good night’s rest before our delivery tomorrow morning. We watched the Starship Troopers Rifftrax. It was delightful. (Though I must say, that movie was nothing at all like its namesake Heinlein novel.)

Now it is time to sleep, perchance to dream, lulled into the realm of Morpheus by the ceaseless drone of idling engines and truck noise. Ahh, the good life.

More to come, dear friends. Don’t touch that dial!

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