Full Circle

Tonight I'm parked at a Love's in Ina, Illinois, en route to Plainfield, Indiana. I left Fort Worth yesterday after spending a glorious few days at home. After making my delivery, I'll be routed back to Murray, Kentucky, for an exciting new development…

I'm going to be starting the process to become a trainer! My wife began trucking school on the 31st, and she's been doing quite well in class all week. She has signed up with my company, and as soon as she finishes her CDL training she'll be (hopefully) joining me on the road for her first phase of training! I've talked with my company about getting started as a trainer so I can train my wife, and while they typically require 90 days solo time, they might be able to bend the rules a little for me.

Tomorrow I hope to be taking care of the paperwork and learning what will be required of me. I'm not sure what the process will be like, but I look forward to it. Once I become a trainer, I should be able to get a new truck (hopefully with a working refrigerator), and once my wife is in the truck with me, we'll be on the road for good. For her first 5,000 miles she'll be in training status, then after that we can drive as a team henceforth. Once she finishes her phase 2 miles, she and I could sign a one-year contract with our company, netting us each a nice, fat sign-on bonus. We already planned to be at this company for at least a year if not longer, so that's a nice icing on our cake.

Long story short, things are looking up! If everything goes according to plan, we'll be doing quite well for ourselves in the near future.

That's about all the news I have at the moment, but I'll keep you all updated as events unfold. Much love, friends!

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  1. Great! My computer isn’t working so I had to come to the library to read your post. I’ve been wondering about your wife and how she was doing with her training. Thanks for letting us know.

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