Full Circle

When I began writing this journal, I was climbing on the bus in Fort Worth, Texas, heading to Kentucky to become a truck driver. Now, after six months, my wife has arrived here in Kentucky to become a driver herself. Where once I was the trainee, now I am the trainer, and my journey has come full circle.

Christina passed her CDL test on Tuesday, and on Wednesday she climbed aboard a Greyhound bus headed for Murray. After a grueling 27-hour bus ride (never take the bus if you can help it), she finally arrived at 9pm Thursday evening. She was exhausted from the trip, but elated to see me after being away for a few weeks. On Friday she began orientation at the company, and yesterday she completed her company driving test and became an employee. We won’t be able to hit the road until Monday, because her pre-employment drug test results won’t be back until then, but that’s okay. We can take today off and enjoy ourselves here in Murray for a while. I’ll re-familiarize her with the truck, go through the steps of the pre-trip inspection, shop for some supplies at the nearby Walmart, and enjoy a relaxing day before we load up and head out on Monday.

Our original plan, all those months ago, was to get our licenses simultaneously, then start driving together as soon as we finished training. But fate had other plans in mind, and we were not able to begin the journey together. At first we were disappointed, but now we realize that we would have missed out on a great many opportunities if we had followed our original plans. Now, we have a wider circle of friends and a more solid foundation than we would have had otherwise, and our lives are richer for having waited. But now, the waiting is over, and we are excited to take the next step and begin the next chapter in our lives!

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