Hard Lessons

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a long time since my last update. I apologize for making you wait so long!

Things have been going pretty well for us on the road lately. We”be been running back and forth all across the USA… Most recently, we had a load that took us from PA to AZ, then to CA, and now we’re heading to SC. Bouncing around the country like a pinball machine!

For the most part, things have been going well. We’ve had a few hiccups here and there, but we’re still truckin’ along and having a good time doing it. Last week our cat was throwing up (it does that sometimes), but my sister was concerned so I told her to take the cat to the vet. We spent about $400 just to find out that everything was fine and the cat just had a sensitive stomach. It sucks that we had to spend so much just to find out everything was okay, but I’m glad everything was okay. Better safe than sorry, you know?

We also made an unpleasant discovery about our company’s policies. A couple, actually. First, we discovered that our home-time doesn’t roll over. We had about five days of home time saved up when we went home the time before last, yet we only stayed home for three days, thinking that we could save the other two for our next visit home. We stayed out a couple weeks, then went home again for Christina’s dentist appointment, only to discover that the company would only give us two days off. When I asked about the other two days that we didn’t take last time, they told us that the home-time counter resets every time we go home. So even if we save up five days, if we only use one, the other four are wasted.

Second, we learned the potential consequence for keeping a cat in the truck. While we were at a truck stop in GA, we found this wonderful and friendly stray cat who walked right up to us and was social as could be. She was super sweet and loved the attention we gave her. We asked the truck stop attendants if they knew about her, and they said yes, and asked if we could adopt her. With winter coming, they were worried that she would freeze outside in the cold. We explained that we’d love to adopt her, but that our company wouldn’t allow us to have cats in the truck. But that got us wondering… What would happen if we adopted the cat anyway? So we opened our trusty Employee Handbook and looked it up. Turns out, having any kind of pet in the truck other than a dog could cost us our job. Yes, that’s right, we could get fired for having a cat in the truck. So there was nothing we could do for the poor kitty.

We called up the local humane societies and animal shelters, hoping they’d be able to help out. The humane societies said they couldn’t take in strays or they’d lose their license. Meanwhile, the animal shelters and animal control facilities said they couldn’t take the cat because we (the people reporting the stray) were not GA residents. We protested, saying that the cat is a GA resident and we’re just visitors, but they said they couldn’t do anything for us. I guess they assumed we’re irresponsible pet owners trying to abandon our foreign cat in GA territory. I don’t see why it would matter. Anyway, the lesson we learned is that GA doesn’t give a damn about animals in need. So we bought all the cat food that the truck stop had for sale, gave it to the truck stop employees, and they agreed to feed the cat for us. We also told them that, while we couldn’t do anything for the cat because we’re not GA residents, the employees could call the animal shelters and perhaps get the kitty into a safe place for the winter. Though… It may not be all that safe, considering all the animal shelters in GA euthanize stray animals that aren’t adopted before long. (Seriously, GA sucks.)

In other news, Christina and I have been trying for a week to get routed to Murray so that she can take her upgrade test. She’s finished all of her training and she’s ready to upgrade, yet they’ve been tossing us all over the USA instead of getting us back to Murray. Once she upgrades she’ll get a raise and we’ll get paid more, but as long as they keep delaying her upgrade, she’s working for a lower pay rate, and we’re a little sore that they’ve been putting us off for so long. Our fleet manager tells us she’s trying to get us back for the test, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, we’re taking advantage of this delay in order to give Christina additional practice in her backing maneuvers.

So we’re burning up the highway, hoping the cat survives the winter, hoping Christina will upgrade soon, and saving up our home-time in the hopes that we can make it to Virginia to see Christina’s family and our old Virginia friends for Christmas. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen them, and we miss them terribly. Keep your fingers crossed for us! We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Much love, my dear readers. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and didn’t get trampled by rabid shoppers during the Black Friday sales. Stay safe and warm out there! Until next time, adieu.

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