Puddle Jumping Redux

A little bit of news before my next big post! We’ve been quite pleased with our current company as the months have gone by, and are glad to have finally found an employer we can be proud to work for. One of the reasons for this is that they actually treat us like family.

I’ve been dealing with some sinus issues, as I’m sure you all recall. Since January, I’ve had a persistent sinus infection. The major symptoms cleared up a couple months ago, but the infection still remains. In order to fix the issue, I’m going to have to go in for surgery. Which means a pre-op appointment, followed a week later by the surgery, followed a week later by a post-op appointment. Recovery after surgery will be about a month long.

Now, with most companies I’ve talked to, their home-time policy is “use it or lose it.” When you take a single day of home time, it wipes out the entire cache of home time you’ve accrued. Which means, if you’re going to take home time, you might as well take all of it.

Which leads me to one of the reasons I am so damn pleased with my present employer. I informed them of my surgery situation. Normally, coming home for the pre-op appointment would have wiped out my home time, meaning that Christina and I wouldn’t get paid for the two or more weeks of recovery I’d require before I could get back on the road. However, my employer was understanding, and they told me they wouldn’t count it against me. We originally planned to come home the day before the appointment and get back on the road the day after, but the freight wouldn’t work, so they sent me home two days early—and didn’t charge me any home time. Basically, they gave me two free days of home time so that when I go home for the appointment, I’ll still get paid for the first week that I’m out of commission.

That’s right: my company gave me free leave so that they could keep paying me while I’m recovering. They could have just said “that counts as your home time” and saved themselves the couple grand they’re going to pay us for that week. But they didn’t. They actually care about us.

My surgery will be coming on the 20th, followed by a significant period of recovery. Wish me luck!

Christina and I have been discussing ways that we can improve our earnings, including the prospect of buying our own truck and working as owner/operators. This would present a significant level of additional responsibility, but would also provide us with a great deal of additional income and freedom. But even if we take the plunge into owning our own rig, we are still eager to continue working for our current employer. They’ve more than earned our loyalty.

This owner/operator prospect has given us plenty to think about in the coming months. We will likely wait until after the new year before making the switch, but we’re playing things by ear and considering all our options.

In other news, we decided to invest in the Calyx Institute’s upgraded 3G/4G LTE mobile WiFi device, as our previous 4G LTE WiFi service had a significantly limited coverage area. Since the switch, we’ve had a much better connection everywhere we’ve traveled. So far, that’s only been the East Coast, but we’ve had connectivity in plenty of places where we didn’t before. Hopefully this will continue as we work on the West Coast, allowing us to stay online more reliably.

Well, that’s about it for the news for now. Stay tuned for further updates!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, we’ve been working hard, but the company is great. If we can go Owner/Operator, we’ll do it, but we still want to stick with our company even then.


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