Fortuitous Failures

For weeks now, it seemed we’d been having a run of bad luck. Our truck has been suffering from constant maintenance issues, from bad emissions sensors to cracked coolant reservoirs to electrical system malfunctions that caused all the power in the truck to reset every time we ran over a bumpy road. We reported every incident, talked with breakdown, and were unable to arrange an opportune time to complete the maintenance necessary to get the truck back in working order.

But all our luck changed a few days ago. Just after our delivery in Phoenix, our truck had finally had enough, and we were forced to take it to a shop. It took them three days to finish maintenance—three days in which Christina and I were able to relax in the comfort of a luxury hotel room, paid for by the company.

We discovered upon arrival to the hotel that they’d given us a free upgrade from the regular suite we’d chosen to a luxury suite on the top floor. This suite was nicer than my old Virginia apartment, complete with a king-sized bed in a separate bedroom, a large and well-appointed bathroom, and a generous living room complete with full-sized fridge and kitchen. The only thing my apartment had that this suite lacked was an oven and stovetop.

Christina and I spent our unexpected “vacation” relaxing, watching good shows and movies, writing and drawing, and exploring the city around us. We visited an open-air mall where we found one of the most delicious sushi restaurants we’d visited in quite a while, followed up the next day by a casual jaunt to the local Denny’s, where we ate breakfast for lunch and read Harry Potter to each other. (We’ve been reading the whole series to each other during our journeys the last couple months, and we’re currently making our way through the final book.)

All in all, it was a refreshing surprise, and when it was over, we were rewarded with a pristine, well-maintained truck, ready to roll.

We’re grateful that our truck broke down, giving us the opportunity to spend some time together in a new and interesting place. Just as with my surgery and the unexpected vacation it warranted, this surprise reprieve was well worth the suffering we experienced in dealing with the truck’s issues beforehand.

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